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Surrogacy is the term used to describe the arrangement in which a woman carries the baby for a full term for another couple. This is an appropriate option for couples who cannot carry a child naturally due to certain medical conditions. This provides infertile couples a chance to become parents without actually carrying the child. In this process another woman’s womb is used for implantation and carrying of the embryo as well as delivering the baby for the intended parents. The woman who carries the child for the intended parents is known as the surrogate.


Gestational Surrogacy – the process involves using the eggs from the intended mother or anonymous donor and the sperm of the intended father or anonymous donor. The fertilization is done using IVF/ICSI methods. The fertilized egg is implanted into the surrogate mother’s body who carries the child for the full term. The child is not genetically related to the surrogate in this case. This is the preferred method as it avoids a lot of legal issues in future since there is no biological relation between the child and the surrogate as in case of traditional surrogacy.


Surrogacy is an appropriate option where the female partner is diagnosed with medical conditions that make it impossible or life threatening for her to carry the child for a full term. Let us have a look at some of these medical conditions.
  • Absence of uterus due to congenital conditions or due to hysterectomy
  • Malformations in the uterus
  • Inexplicable recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Repeated IVF implantation failures
  • Medical conditions such as heart disease, severe diabetes, breast cancer etc. that make pregnancy life threatening for the mother and the baby.


Once your fertility specialist has recommended surrogacy, they may be able to help you with the process of finding a surrogate or you can get it done yourself. You can choose a family member or friend to be a surrogate. On the other hand we can provide you with a list of surrogates to choose from. All our surrogates are healthy individuals (physically and mentally) who undergo a rigorous screening procedure. They are individuals who have a history of carrying at least one child to full term free of any complications.
The intended parents are counseled in order to make sure that they comprehend the entire process, the risks and the long and short term complications if any. We arrange for a meeting with the surrogate. If everything goes well, then a surrogacy lawyer comes into the picture who drafts the agreements and represents the interest of the parties. A clear contract prevents potential conflicts in future.
Once all the above mentioned prerequisites are met, then the menstrual cycles are synched through hormone therapy and the surrogate’s womb is prepared for implantation. Sperm and eggs are collected and fertilized. The resultant embryos are monitored and the best are transferred to the surrogate’s uterus. The entire process is monitored until a heartbeat is detected. It is a very complex process and requires specialists to do the process. If you have any more queries on surrogacy, feel free to contact our specialists who are always willing to help you in achieving your dream.

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