Sperm Preparation is very important to assisted reproductive technology or ART. The semen sample obtained by ejaculation contains motile and non-motile spermatozoa in addition to leucocytes, prostaglandins and other chemicals. The spermatozoa is incapable of fertilizing the oocyte or egg. At Momsoon we use Sperm Preparation methods to obtain a sample rich in motile spermatozoa.

Sperm Incubation
The motility of the spermatozoa can be increased to achieve successful pregnancy rates. This can be done using pentoxifylline solution. This method also eliminates the prostaglandins in the semen, which if injected causes intrauterine cramping.
Sperm Layering
If the sperm count is low or the motility of the sperm is very low then this is the most popular method for couples undergoing IVF treatment through ICSI. It is a very long and time consuming process bu is very effective in the removal of debris and cells.
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