In Vitro Maturation as the name implies refers to maturation of the eggs in vitro i.e. inside the laboratory. It is a revolutionary method of treatment that is relatively cheap and safe. In this method, immature eggs are retrieved from the female partner and matured in culture media within the laboratory for approximately 24-48 hours.

The difference between IVM and traditional IVF is that the eggs are collected when they are immature. In case of IVF, ovaries are stimulated with hormones to produce large number of mature eggs. However with IVM, you will avoid fertility drugs and retrieve immature eggs of your natural menstrual cycle. This is recommended in women who are susceptible to developing Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS) as a reaction to fertility drugs.

The procedure involves collection of immature eggs that do not require you to take any fertility drugs. The retrieved eggs are then matured in an incubator in the laboratory for 24-48 hours. On maturity, the eggs are fertilized using the male partner’s sperm. The embryos are then cultured and transferred to the womb.


The success rates are the same as those with IVF with these additional considerations
  • Chances are that only a small portion of the immature eggs retrieved would mature sufficiently for fertilization.


  • No risk of developing Ovarian Hyperstimulation
  • Shorter treatment regimen when compared to IVF


The risks associated with the process are the same as that associated with IVF and may also include the following
  • Fewer eggs are collected when compared to IVF
  • New technique with uncertainty about its safety.
  • Usual risks associated with using a general anesthesia.
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