In some cases, the male partner’s testicles are unable to produce sperm or have some genetic condition or in the absence of a male partner artificial insemination using donor sperm is preferred. Semen sample is obtained from healthy individuals and are tested for genetically inherited or other diseases. The process is the same as that described in Artificial Insemination Husband.

Who is a right candidate for Artificial Insemination?

This method of infertility treatment is preferred under the following conditions:

  • Problems with the male partner like premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation etc. that prevent normal deposit of sperm into the vagina.
  • Problems with female partner like pain during intercourse or physical deformities that prevent the normal deposit of sperm
  • Cervical abnormalities like narrow cervix etc.
  • Low Sperm quality


Initially the ovaries are stimulated with medications (hormones) to promote the growth of follicles.
The growth of the follicles are monitored regularly with the help of blood tests and ultra sounds
Egg Release
Another hormone administered to the female partner triggers the release of egg from the follicle.
Semen Sample Collection
Semen sample is collected from the male partner and the most motile spermatozoa are isolated. The sperm is then processed because seminal fluid may contain substances that may irritate the uterus.
Finally, the prepared sperm is inserted into the uterus with the help of a catheter.
At Momsoon, our infertility specialist gets started with the diagnosis and treatments on your first visit. The treatment is usually done at home. On your second visit the semen sample would be inseminated into the uterus. In between, the male partner might have to leave semen sample for tests to ensure there is no problem with sperm.

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