Genetic Counseling is important for couples who wish to have a healthy baby. It helps couples understand if they or their potential children are at risks of inheriting a genetic condition. At Momsoon, we insist couples planning to undergo fertility treatment to meet our genetic counselor. Our genetic counselor helps understand your genetic risks and provides solutions for the same. You may also be asked to undergo Genetic testing which helps you to reduce your chances of having a baby with a genetic disorder.

Appropriate candidate for Genetic Counseling

Couples with the following concerns may benefit from genetic counseling

  • Family history of infertility or an inherited condition or birth defects or mental retardation or developmental delay
  • a close relative who is a carrier of a genetic condition
  • 3 or more miscarriages in the past (multiple miscarriages)
  • Maternal age above 35 years and planning a baby
  • If the cause of your infertility is a genetic condition like Fragile X Syndrome, Cystic Fibriosis, Sickcle Cell Anaemia or the like.

Our Genetic Counselor is available for couples who wish to have their doubts cleared on genetic issues regarding their fertility. Schedule an appointment today and have all your questions answered.

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