Semen Analysis is said to be the most important test in evaluating male fertility. Even if there are known fertility problems with the female partner, it is important to perform a semen analysis to identify if there are any contributing male causes. Semen Analysis determines the quality and quantity of sperm in a given semen sample. The thick, white fluid released during ejaculation is semen and contains sperm. In general, problems with sperm account for one third of all infertility problems..

Semen Analysis includes the following

  • Volume: This indicates the ‘liquid’ volume of semen in one ejaculation. A poor volume may indicate that the seminal vesicles are not generating enough fluid or the ducts are blocked. Normal range is 1.5ml- 5.0 ml.
  • Semen Count: indicates the number of sperm present in 1 mm of semen in one ejaculation. Normal range varies between 40 million – 300 million per mm.
  • Motility and Velocity: indicates the percentage of sperm that seems to have some forward motion. Normal range varies between 50%-80%. The quality of the movement is also noted.
  • Morphology: indicates the percentage of sperm that have normal shape. According to WHO (World Health Organization) 30% indicates normal values.
  • pH: indicates the alkalinity or acidity of a semen sample.
  • Liquefaction time: indicates the time taken for a given sample to liquefy under normal conditions.
  • WBC Count: to determine if white blood cells are present. Usually they are absent in semen sample
  • Viscocity in the semen sample indicate an inherent problem and at times, this itself can be a cause for male infertility. IUI can solve this issue as there is no medication forthis condition


The procedure involves collection of semen sample by masturbation in a health center. If collected at home, it should be brought to the lab within 30 minutes. We usually advise you to abstain from any sexual activity at least 2-3 days prior to sample collection.

Abnormal results indicate infertility with the male partner. Further testing may be recommended and treatment options suggested. At Momsoon we recommend this test prior to starting with any infertility treatment. This helps our fertility specialist to plan the most effective treatment that can give satisfactory results. Fix an appointment with our doctors for more details.

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