Doctors of different disciplines like Gynaecology, Reproductive Endocrinology, Urology and Andrology may treat Infertility. Nevertheless, a scientific co-ordination of an experienced Embryologist will be very much complementary for enhancing the results in Assisted Reproduction.

At MOMSOON Fertility and IVF centre, there is an excellent co-ordination between the team of Infertility Specialist and Senior Embryologist which is a vital factor for achieving positive results in Infertility treatment Though Infertility is not a disease, the social stigma attached to it is enormous and it has severe impact on the psyche and well being of these couples. MOMSOON provides a compassionate counselling to such couples to reduce their apprehensions and phobia developed due to ignorance. MOMSOON Fertility has an advanced IVF and Embryo Laboratory.

Well qualified and Experienced Gynaecologists with supportive Nursing Staff are an asset to this Centre.

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