Infertility is a disorder but not a disease, where a couple fails to conceive in a span of 18 months of active married life without using any contraceptives.

General feeling is that a family is incomplete without children. But it is unfortunate that in our Society a childless couple is looked down as a curse to the family. Consequently the childless couple experiences an enormous emotional trauma that drives them to seek solace from Religious Rituals, worshiping Mythological Infertility Symbols, visiting God-men, etc.

Infertility is neither pathological nor life threatening. 1 in every 5 couples faces some sort of Infertility. Around 15 – 18% of any population in the world is Infertile. Unfortunately this Percentage is increasing since a few years due to hectic life styles, professional careers overshadowing personal lives, late marriages, delayed pregnancies, stress-filled jobs, etc. Problem could be with the husband or wife or both, but more often than not, a biased conclusion is taken against the woman.

When a couple fails to conceive even after 18 months of active married life (without using any contraceptives),they have to consult the Infertility Specialist. After thorough investigations, the Specialist would diagnose the problem and treat the couple with medication or minor procedure like IUI or advanced procedure like ICSI or IVF. In this advanced procedure, the wife’s Egg shall be fertilised with the husband’s Sperm under ideal laboratory conditions and thus the Embryo is formed before it is implanted in the wife’s uterus. The Embryo is considered as Baby. As the ‘Baby’ is born in the laboratory, it is commonly referred to as The Test Tube Baby, although there is no test tube involved in the process. Therefore, Test tube baby is nothing but IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), the advanced procedure used for developing a baby in the laboratory.

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