MOMSOON Sperm Bank, an offspring of MOMSOON Fertility Pvt. Ltd., has been conceived for providing a good quality donor sperm for use in Artificial Insemination procedures.

Infertility is prevalent in almost 20% of any population in the World and 40% of the infertility cases are due to male factors such as Count, Motility and Abnormalities etc. of the Sperm, which influence the outcome of the latest Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IVF / ICSI etc. Besides being expensive, these procedures cannot guarantee pregnancy. In a country like India, many people cannot afford these advanced procedures. A healthy Donor Sperm could be a viable and cost effective option. The clinical suitability of the Donor Sperm is ascertained at our Centre through different tests.

One of the promoters of MOMSOON Sperm Bank, Dr. Ravindranath, Ph.D (Human Genetics), had intensive training in Sperm Freezing Techniques at Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge, U.K., which has the reputation of producing the World’s first IVF Baby. Being in the field of Infertility for more than 20 years, he has acquired a vast experience in Andrology also.

MOMSOON Sperm Bank can supply healthy, scientifically processed and ready-to-use sperm prepared by using reputed International brands of Sperm-washing media and Gradient media. Every donor at MOMSOON Sperm Bank is meticulously screened for any chronic infections. We have enlisted healthy and educated donors with different blood groups.

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